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- We are the people ! -
Formed in 1999, The No.1 Jorg Albertz Loyal RSC came about when four men from Bangor, Co. Down, whilst sitting in their local pub (The Viscount) one Saturday afternoon, decided that they were going to form a Rangers Supporters Club.

Their reasoning for doing this, was that whilst at the time there where other Rangers supporters clubs in the area, they often had lengthy waiting lists and they all sat at various other venues in the town. The guys where confident that if they started a supporters club in their pub they’d have no problem in getting plenty of members who’d be keen to join a Rangers Supporters club.

Today, we're still going strong and usually make at least 1 game every month. Our current membership is 17 and we are always open to accepting new members. So if you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us.
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